With a population of 1,500 people, Sotira has taken its name from a church, situated in the centre of the village that is dedicated to the transfiguration of Jesus Christ the Saviour (Sotira in Greek means saviour). The church displays excellent examples of post Komninian art (13th to 16th centuries). Near the east entrance of the village stands Ayios Mamas that was initially built innthe 12th century and later rebuilt in the 16th century with beautiful frescoes date back also to the 16th century. About 16 miles to the west lays the cruciform of Panayia Khordajiotissa that also dates backs to the 15th century – Its dome has been restored back to its former glory. A third church bearing the name of St. George is found in the area and is an early Christian three aisle Syrian-type basilica. In the village of Sotira there is also a small Ecclesiastical Museum worth visiting.