Winter Training


Excellent Winter Sports Training Facilities


The area’s warm sunshine and year-round temperate climate, combined with its excellent sports infrastructure with football grounds, athletic centres and others facilities, provide the essential basic ingredients for one of the most successful sports training centres in the Mediterranean.

From late November till the end of March, tens of football teams from all over Europe come to the area for the pre-season or the break season training. This goes back to the mid 80’s and ever since then the area and especially Ayia Napa has become a very popular Winter training destination.

Specialised staff will take care of all the needs of the teams while the presence of so many teams of different levels, help the coaches to organise friendly matches, a must during the preparation of a team.

Many of the hotels also offer their own excellent sports facilities (gym, sauna, and the general health club facilities) and the necessary services for a football team. Many teams from Russia, Ukraine and other Russian speaking countries have visited the area for training over the last 10 years.

The training centre in Paralimni offers all kind of facilities for athletics while you will find around facilities for many other sports, like shooting, basketball, volleyball, etc.

But of course, you don’t have to be a football player or sportsperson to come to the area during the winter period. The mild climate, beautiful surroundings and the top-class hotels with upgraded facilities make the region a perfect winter destination.